Arian Ash
Arian is a talented pro, recently featured as Marian in Lonely Hearts.  She has also worked with Denzel Washington in Out of Time, and for director Joel Schumacher in Phone Booth and Tigerland. Arian starred as Keri Russell's best friend in The Babysitter's Seduction, and has been seen on television as well, in Showtimes' Going to Calilfornia, Dawson's Creek, and Nickelodeon's ground breaking series Welcome Freshmen.

Chris Burns
The multi-talented Chris is an FSU grad, and an accomplished singer/dancer, appearing in such stage productions as Forever Plaid, Brigadoon, and as Linus in Snoopy!.  He has appeared in several "Indie" films (Coffee Series, Say "Sex", and Scab among them).

Neil Brown, Jr.
Working out of L.A., Neil had supporting roles in Never Back Down, The Fast and the Furious 4, and alongside Arian Ash in Joel Schumaker's Tigerland.  Neil has also appeared on TV, in South Beach, ER, and many others.
Simon Needham
After years of film, TV, and stage work in his native UK, Simon has brought his considerable talent and quirky flair to the Central Flrodia theatre scene.  He appeared in the BBC productions of Dangerfield and Preston Front, and toured Scotland as Gaston in Beauty and the Beast.  Here in the US he was in Larry the Cable Guy and has created a one man show titled Journeys of Shakespeare.
Michele Feren
Universal Studios Florida may have seen Michele as Marilyn Monroe!  Michele's resume aslo includes such intriguing characters as "Drunken Amish Girl" (Sex Drive) and "One-Legged Stripper"  (Intent 2 Sell).  Theatrical credits include Doodie Humor and Zombie Girlfriend.
Jordan Woods-Robinson
Jordan brings a unique quirky charm to the role of the "Scare Zone" attraction's #1 fan.  A multi-talented actor/musician/performance artist, Jordan recently wrapped a role in the feature Just Another Day, and will be featured in the upcoming season of Army Wives on Lifetime TV.  Jordan is also currently starring in the Universal Studios CityWalk production of the hit Blue Man Group.